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connecting women in the church and equipping them to make disciples.

We desire to CONNECT & EQUIP women through four areas of ministry:


Women's Events:  

The purpose for our events is to encourage and connect women in the church and to reach those who do not regularly attend.  For upcoming events, visit the events page. 

Equipping Studies:  

Women’s studies are offered each semester with the purpose of teaching women biblical truths. See below for studies offered this semester. 

Women's Life Groups:  

Life groups exists with the purpose to equip women to make disciples in everyday life. Click here for more information. 

Mentoring Relationships:  

Mentoring relationships exist with the purpose to connect older women to younger women in the church with the purpose of teaching them biblical womanhood. 

equipping studies for women



Loving God, Loving Others – Precept

Description: What does God really want from you?  It’s easy to get confused about how to please God.  Centuries ago, in answer to this question, Jesus simplified all the rules and regulations of the Law into just two great commands:  love God and love people.  This Bible study looks at how these two commands define the heart of Christian faith.  This study will challenge you to live these commands out and discover how obeying Jesus’ simple commands will transform not only your life but also the lives of those around you. This is a 40- minute Precept class with NO HOMEWORK!  Perfect for every person, but especially you busy moms that want to get into God’s Word but, have limited time.  Of course, you can dig deeper into scripture from the lessons when time permits.

Leader: Candi Barnette

Meeting Dates: March 6 - April 24 (will not meet during Oconee Spring Break)

Location: Watkinsville First Baptist

Time: 6:15 PM - 7:30 PM

Childcare: Yes

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Jesus and the Holidays (Listen to the teachings below)

Description: We women are always looking for ways to make the holidays more meaningful spiritually for our families. In this study, we will discover that the God we serve uses HOLY-days to make Himself known! How exciting is that! Through learning about the major feasts of the Old Testament, we will discover deep truths about not only historical events of God’s people but also our salvation, sanctification, and the fulfillment of prophecy (both already fulfilled and yet to come).  Join in for 3 weeks of how the holidays teach us about Jesus!

Leader: Suzanne Chambers