The Lord has been so faithful in bringing new people into our family. Sometimes people feel like they need to go through a formal process before serving. Instead of waiting, jump in. Be a part of the team of people who are striving to make wholehearted followers of Christ.

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Where should I serve?

You may want to ask the following questions before you can determine where God wants you to serve at Watkinsville:  How has God gifted me?  How can I help improve an area of ministry?  Where is the area of most need?  Am I new to Watkinsville? 

If you are new to our church, one great way to serve and meet people is by serving on our Host Team.  Our Host Team serves on Sunday mornings to welcome, inform, and connect people to our church.  You can serve on this team in the areas of greeting, parking, coffee, information, etc.

There are other areas to serve as well based on where you feel most gifted. When you look around at various ministries, what areas do you think needs the most improvement or has the most need? Please fill out the form to the right.  A pastor or ministry director will be in touch based on the current ministry need.  Thank you!


For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve... Mark 10:45