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Do what you're good at for the glory of god, somewhere strategic, for the mission of god.

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Your few short years in college are arguably the most formative years of your life. It’s in college that you get to experience what it’s like to be on your own. You work toward a degree that will help you earn a living. It’s likely you will meet your spouse on the campus. It’s during these years that you will wrestle with life’s most important questions about purpose and meaning. We believe that the local church is THE place to help guide you through this season of your life. There are several great churches in the Athens area and we may be biased but we believe Watkinsville First Baptist is a special place. We’d love for Watty College to be your home away from home during your time in Athens. Here are the four things we hope every student finds at WFBC:

1. We want students to grow in their love and knowledge of the Bible.

2.We want students to be influenced by multiple generations.

3. We want students to learn what it means to be on mission.

4.We want students to encounter Jesus.



Each Sunday morning Watkinsville FBC gathers for 3 services (9am, 10:15am, 11:30am). We specifically structure our 11:30am service for college students. During the service you will be welcomed by our host team, receive information about what’s happening that week, sing together in worship, and then hear from our teaching team led by our College Pastor, Vic Doss. The teaching team gives the service a really unique feel. 2 to 3 teachers work together to lead us through the passage of Scripture we are studying that week.

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Watty Tribes are small weekly gatherings of college students who come together to pray. Through our time together praying, we build relationships and learn more about what it should look like to follow Christ.

Tribes meet at various times, days, and locations.

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House parties give college students the opportunity to come together for fun and food!

The date of our November House Party is TBA!

November House Party means FRIENDSGIVING! Come excited and come hungry! Find more details on our facebook page.


Our hope is to give college students opportunities where they can exercise their spiritual gifts and build up the local church.

We have two levels of leadership:

Watty College Staff: This includes our interns and other staff members who are committed to our mission of making wholehearted followers of Christ and have a specific job they are doing within our ministry.

Watty College Leadership: This includes our volunteers who help drive students to church, serve on the Sunday greeting team, set-up/tear-down the after-service events, and other areas of ministry within Watty College. Click the button below for more information on how to serve.


We want you to do what you are good at for the glory of God somewhere strategic on the mission of God. Each summer we send students to be a part of what God is doing in Boston and Puerto Rico. We also have a Spring Break trip to Boston to work with church planters. Most importantly, we hope that after your time at UGA and our church you will be ready to plant your life somewhere strategic for the glory of God.