Meet Your New College Communications Director!



I figured it's about time we met. If you've been wondering about this random chick who sings Prince of Egypt on the Watty college Instagram story and posts blog articles, well, it's me. 

To give you a quick, first-day-of-class-awkward-introduction, my name is McGee Nall, and I'm a senior (well, 5th year, but no one needs to know that except us) journalism major and theatre minor at UGA. I transferred halfway through my sophomore year and, I've gotta tell ya, it was one of the hardest but most rewarding decisions I've ever made. My life trajectory has taken a drastic turn since moving here, and I'm so grateful for all the opportunities the Lord has given me to befriend incredible people and do what I love. 

Speaking of doing what I love...I love words. I love communicating, telling stories, and sharing what the Lord has done in me and in others. While a career in travel/fitness/lifestyle/culture journalism is one of my main goals, I still want to use my talents for ministry and sharing the gospel. After talking with the college team and letting Vic see my work, he's been gracious enough to hand over the Watty college communications to me. Basically, if you see someone posting on social media or the blog a lot, there's a good possibility it's me.

But here's the thing: there's no way I'm doing this alone. The college ministry is more than one person, and I know there are students in our church who are KILLIN' the game for Jesus and spreading His good news to Athens and beyond. I want to know about it. WE want to know about it. We're a team, and I don't think that should change when it comes to our social media platforms.

So please do me a favor: tell me your story. I want this to be as collaborative as possible, and here are a few ways I think this can happen: 

1. If you have something you feel led by the Lord to share—your testimony, a word of encouragement, a response from college Bible study or Carlos' sermon, a verse you found, a discussion you had with an nonbeliever, whatever—hit me up. You can find me on social media or email me at We'd love to get some guest bloggers on here!!

2. I'm going to try to put more interactive things on our social media platforms—participate! Let's all get to know each other more through the tools God has given us. It's not just between me and you, it's between you and the rest of your peers and fellow believers.

3. When you're out representing us, I want to be able to hand the keys off to you. If you're talking with people at the Great Exchange, or playing for one of our Watty intramural teams, or attending a Watty event, we want to see YOUR face and hear YOUR voice. If you want to take over our Watty Instagram story for a day, we can talk about it. This opportunity will be more selective obviously, but we would love for the college ministry to know you if they don't already. 

Sound like a plan? Let's get to know each other and tell others about King Jesus. It's go time.