New Podcast & Reflection on Exodus 13-17



Hey gang! Our follow-up podcast is now live, so blast this in your car on your way to work or listen to it on walks to class! Click the link below:

4 Takeaways for an Impossible Situation

On this episode, you're going to hear from our rad teaching team, Vic and Joel, and also two guests. One of which is yours truly, and the other is Watty's communication intern, Sydney Roberson! Here the we give you four main takeaways from Exodus that might help you if you're currently in what seems like an impossible situation. Remember: "in between an impossible situation and an improbable answer, there is God." 

Something we touch on in the podcast and one of the key points that has stuck with me since Sunday is this: what am I afraid of? Is my fear in the right place?

Here are some quotes and ideas I snagged from the teaching:

  • "The right fear will motivate you to praise."
  • "The temptation is always ultimately putting fear in the wrong place."
  • "In the midst of temptation, immediately turn to the Lord and ask that He would display His glory in your life."
  • "When the Israelites lacked in something—when they needed to cross the sea, when they needed bread, when they needed water—those aren't the things they needed. They needed God."

I think most of our temptations don't come from "big and bad" sins like lust, lying, stealing, etc. While we may struggle with those things, I think the temptations that trip us up the most involve not trusting in who God says He is and has proven Himself to be. We fear things that have far less value and power. 

As a senior preparing for graduation in May, there are definitely things I fear, if I allow it. Where will I be seven months from now? What if I'm called to move and I hardly get to see my friends and family? What if I'm not doing enough now to get ready? What if I'm not qualified for the jobs for which I want to apply?

And then of course, there are somewhat less rational fears I have sometimes that has to do with how I relate with other people, my singleness, self-esteem, etc. 

Thankfully I'm in a season where these fears don't grip my heart like they did earlier in the semester, but I have to fight against the temptation every day, all the time. If we all circled up and got vulnerable with each other, I bet lots of us have a list of fears that motivate us away from trusting and fearing the Lord. 

But remember what Moses told the Israelites: 

"The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent."

That's step one: get out of your own head. Stand, be firm in your faith, and listen for the Lord's voice of truth.

And then remember how God replies:

"Why are you crying out to Me? Tell the sons of Israel to go forward."

That's step two: sometimes, after you've surrendered a temptation/fear/prayer/decision/trial to the Lord and asked for help, the next move is to move. The next move is to obey, to trust, to walk forward in whatever light He's given you.

What fears grip your heart? Maybe it's time we fear the Lord, which will do us more good and give Him more glory than we could ever imagine.