What is the Watkinsville Internship?

The Watkinsville Internship is an immersive ministry leadership experience specially structured to help interns grow in spiritual leadership and service to the local church. Interns will receive a unique gospel-centered discipleship opportunity to work closely with staff, church members, and fellow interns to gain a deeper look at a local body of believers, experience in ministry, and opportunities to engage in WFBC’s mission of making wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ. Applications are open now!

Who can take part in the Internship?

The Internship is for young adults/college students who desire to serve in the local church, learn more about what it's like to work in ministry, and for those who may be trying to discern if God is calling him/her to vocational ministry.

When does the Internship begin?

The Internship starts in August 2018 and is a year long commitment. Applications will be accepted beginning in January until all positions are filled. All applicants will be contacted and interviewed soon after submitting an application.

Mission of Internship Experience

We strive to make wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ by equipping young leaders through the internship experience. We will provide leadership development, coaching, training, and ministry projects in order for each intern to gain experience in the local church. We will disciple these interns in hopes that we will send them out with a greater love for Jesus and a heart to serve the local church.

Job Description

An intern at Watkinsville First Baptist will commit to working 7-10 hours per week, serve the church with a thankful and generous heart, and according to each intern’s gifts, skills, and experiences he/she will be assigned to an area of ministry and supervisor. In this area of ministry the intern will report to his/her supervisor weekly. The intern and supervisor will meet on a regular basis for coaching, training, ministry projects, etc. All interns will also meet weekly on Monday afternoons from 4:00-5:30 for intern training. The direct authority for each intern will be the Intern Director for all big picture intern responsibilities. The Intern Director has the final authority on the internship experience and job responsibilities.  


General Responsibilities

  • Gives evidence of consistent and growing devotional life to Christ
  • Displays a great attitude
  • Support the overall vision and direction of the church
  • Meet weekly with supervisor and attend Sunday morning services
  • Attend intern retreat at the beginning of the year
  • Participate in the evaluation process
  • Be flexible and prepared at all times to do tasks that support the ministry of the church
  • Participate in intern trainings by: discussing a chosen book, praying for other interns, and growing together spiritually
  • Respect and submit to the authority of the supervisors/pastors and the Intern Director


Questions? Interested in Applying?

If you have any questions please email Caleb