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Global missions is not a category reserved for a special sub-set of our church, or just for those who sell it all and move overseas. Regardless of where we live or what we do day in and day out, God has called us all to pray desperately to the Lord of the Harvest, give sacrificially for the spread of the Gospel, send strategically to the hard and unreached places, and go boldly short, mid and potentially long-term to invest in making disciples among every nation. The Great Commission is for every follower of Christ, and until He returns, our job description is clear, no matter what our geographic location; make disciples of ALL NATIONS.

In the days ahead, this page will provide information about our global partnerships in disciple-making, our efforts to plant churches outside of Georgia, what it means to SEND, and many other things related to our work in making wholehearted followers of Christ in our world.