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GOING on Halloween

There has been a lot of talk about GOING around WFBC these days, and we think Halloween provides a tremendous opportunity for us to GO to our neighbors. With Halloween falling on Wednesday night this year, there will be no ministry programming so that our families can be missional in our community. Let's use this night to build relationships with those around us and to show people the love of Christ in a way that sets us apart from others! (And pick up some Watkinsville chocolates to hand out as you do!)

Here is why Ed Stetzer says Christians should go trick-or-treating

Looking for ideas on how to make the most of the night?

  • Pick up a bag of “watkinsville” chocolates to hand out that night.

  • Be creative in how you carve pumpkins with your kids. Matt. 5:16 says we are to let our light shine. Carve out a cross and put a candle in it.

  • Have a goal to meet 3 neighbors and invite at least one of them to dinner at your house.

  • Have a photo booth set up at your house, gather emails or phone numbers and send the photos the next day.

  • Set up a fire pit in your front yard, have s’mores. This provides a great opportunity to have longer conversations.

  • Do a reverse trick or treat. Go door-to-door and offer baked goods, candles or so forth with a note attached that says something like, It’s no trick! We are your neighbors, and we would love to get to know you! Include any contact information you would like to leave with them.

  • Come up with creative ways to serve the parents who are hauling their kids around. Offer hot chocolate, good coffee, pumpkin muffins, etc.

  • Take notes in your phone of people you meet. This is a great way to remember names!

  • Give out good candy or be unique so that others remember your house. Be creative: make a candy chute down the front steps of the house.

  • Check out pinterest! Tons of ideas there as well.