Who do you love?

Who do you love? Have you told them? Going into the grocery store last night I noticed a lot of people preparing to tell someone. I saw balloons, flowers, candy, cards, cookies, and stuffed animals being grabbed up for a mission to let someone know they were special.  The funniest scene was the number of guys I saw seemingly shopping from a recipe or two. They were preparing to cook for someone. Honestly, they didn't look very confident but they were trying hard!

All of that effort to tell someone you love them is a beautiful thing. It's also another example of just how awesome our Heavenly Father is. He was the first one to love. He defined love. He's the one that let us know what love is. Like God's gift of rain falls on all people, God blesses this whole world with the presence of love. As you love others today, remember, "we love because he first loved us" and the way we even know what love is--"Christ Jesus laid down his life for us." I'm thankful God has told us He loves us today.  And everyday. 

I have blocked off March 15-17 to take part in our Men's Conference. What would be wonderful would be if a whole bunch of you men would join me! Scott Smith from Gainesville and Joel Goddard from Bethlehem are our leaders. It's a 2-nighter, which is a big commitment, but I can't overestimate the potential of this weekend Conference. If you have questions check with John Barnette or Robbie Woelfl. 

I'm so thankful for Vic speaking last week. When I think about a partner in ministry I have no stronger one than Vic. This week we continue in Philippians 3 thinking about...well, the verse actually says "look out for the dogs" and please note that's not spelled "dawgs".  

Finally, you have to be in worship Sunday to hear an amazing story of God's work. It's a story that stretches over 15 years. 

Pastor Carlos