What you can do to be ready for Sunday

Sunday we will remember the work of Christ by observing communion together in our morning times of worship. I mention this in order for you to take some time before Sunday to prepare. Reading in passages such as Luke 22:14-20 and 1 Corinthians 11:17-26 would be helpful. Talking to your children ahead of time about communion would be helpful. Praying and inviting the Holy Spirit to do His work of searching your hearts and your relationships with others for any unconfessed sin or unreconciled divisions would be very much in line with the Apostle Paul's teaching around taking communion together. Let's come Sunday with great anticipation of God moving in refreshing ways among us.

I am excited to report to you that more than 70 people were apart of our Membership Information Class last Sunday evening. I love leading that time because I get the chance to meet so many new people and introduce them to the awesome things God is up to through His people at WFBC. Registration for our next MIC will open soon if you are considering taking that step with us.

Leah Sowell has served with our children's ministry for more than six years. Recently she shared with our team she will be leaving our staff at the end of September. According to her words, though heavy-hearted about stepping away form her role with our staff, it is time to focus more attention on her children, five grandchildren, and her mom and mother-in-law.

Leah has been a wonderful blessing in our ministry to children and their families. She has been a tremendous help to Pastor Scott and Gayle and the hundreds of people that serve in that area of our church. THANK YOU LEAH for loving our children and encouraging parents so faithfully for six years. Eternity will be different for many because of your influence.

All for His glory,

Pastor Carlos