What could be your favorite verses of all time + What's next on Sunday mornings

Sunday we finish The Other Brother series looking at the last two verses of Jude. If Jude had only written those two verses and nothing else, his contribution to Scripture and our faith would still rank in the "mega" category. It's possible these two verses will challenge for your favorite verses of all time. 

Where to next for Sundays? Well, summertime is almost here and that means we return to our journey through the Psalms. Our Songs of Summer series begins June 4 and we will cover Psalms 42-50 by summer's end. Start working now to memorize the eleven verses of Psalm 46. 

This week I received some encouraging updates on our project of adding future ministry space for students, children and worship. I want to pass these updates on to you.

-The Financial Advisory and Construction Advisory Teams have been meeting since March.

-Each ministry formed a SEEK Team of staff and lay leaders to provide prayerful feedback to the Construction Team. Their report of needs were presented by each Pastor on those teams to the Construction Advisory Team. 

-Listening Sessions at the 1590 house are scheduled for Wednesday night May 17 at 6:30pm and this Sunday morning at 11:30am. Any one who would like to view and offer further feedback on the conceptual design provided to the church during the church conferences earlier this year are invited to attend. The Construction Advisory Team will incorporate the feedback into the design. 

- The summer will be used to complete the design phase and continue planning for the funding of the project. 

Let this note be more than information. Let this info shape how you pray specifically for our church. If nothing else our study in Jude has created a new urgency in my heart for getting the good news of Jesus to those who haven't received him. Pray, pray, pray. 

I love you

Pastor Carlos