Watkinsville FBC by the numbers...


These are the numbers I heard this week that tell me part of the story of why our Going Challenge is so exciting and critical. They represent some of the the fruit of years of making wholehearted followers of Christ and they remind me of the people that still need Jesus and the fellowship of a local church. 

16 - That's the number of families and babies that were a part of our Baby Dedication and Parent Commissioning service Sunday night. 

43 - That's the number of fifth graders that were present Sunday morning in watKIDSville. These boys and girls are just weeks away from moving into our Youth Ministry. 

13 - That's the number of families in our church who have become foster parents in the past few months. 

3 - That's the number of college students at my lunch table Sunday that will spend the next two years serving on the international mission field. 

70 - That's the number of years of marriage that Cecil and Gene Martin celebrated this week. What a witness to a younger generation of families at WFBC!

These numbers tell a small part of a larger story of how God is working among multiple generations of people in the life of WFBC. These stories also remind me in our conversations about building and adding ministry space that they are tools for our mission. In some way how we gather on our property has been a part of each one of those numbers. Teaching, encouraging, worshipping, training, singing, praying--all of those things happen in and around buildings on our property.  But the buildings are not the trophies. The celebration is what happens in the hearts of people. The real trophy is seeing people from an early age devoting themselves to serving Christ wholeheartedly over the course of decades of growing and going.

One other number that lands heavy on my heart is 65,000. That's the number of people we estimate to be without a church home within 15 minutes of our property. 

As we pray about how each one of us will participate in our Going Challenge keep these numbers on your heart. They help me understand as I prepare to give my time and money that we are involved in work that matters for eternity. 

All for Jesus
Pastor Carlos