Waiting is not passive

The End is Clear. Our study through the book of Revelation has come to a close and we wait with great anticipation for the return of Jesus. Waiting is not passive however. The fact that Jesus is coming soon is a call to action.  Sunday we will see what God's direction is for a faith family while they wait. 

As our world turns toward the celebration of Christmas, we turn our attention to providing for the good news of Jesus to go to the world. As Acts 1:8 indicates we are charged as disciples of Christ to bear witness to every part of the world that Jesus has come to save. We receive a special offering each year at this time (ACTS 1:8 Missions Offering) to fund the mission and to support those who go and tell. Our goal this year of $200,000 will be used to support almost 8000 career missionaries and their families in North America and more than 100 other countries of the world. If we ALL GIVE GENEROUSLY we can see this goal realized. Pray and follow the Spirit's lead. 

Sunday night at 5, we have a Church Conference to adopt our 2018 Ministry Budget. Also, we will be voting on a recommendation regarding those who will serve as our Church Leadership Team. As prescribed in our newly adopted Church Constitution a team of six has been selected by our current Deacons from a list of those who previously served as Deacons. Those who have been nominated agreed to serve, and will be recommended tonight are as follows:
Stan Tedder, Kurt Lawrence, Bob Bishop, Ralph Moore, Scott Shuford, and Chris Morgan.

Following our conference stick around for our Christmas Sing Along beginning at 6pm. 

Go Jesus!
Pastor Carlos