Update on Church Planting in Vermont

Part of our GOING Challenge involves church planting.  One of the churches we have worked with is New King Church in Burlington, Vermont.  Ben Presten pastors this new church. The Barnettes recently joined their team. God is doing some astounding work in that hard to reach area.  So much so that the area newspaper found the activity noteworthy. (Read the article here) In Ben's words referencing the paper, “Seven Days is the most read newspaper in the state of Vermont, and evangelical church planting made the front page! If you wonder if God is moving in this state, I hope this answers the question for you. The article is written with an extremely cynical slant, but the work that God is doing in our state was not misrepresented and is (for those who have eyes to see through the author's bias) gloriously on display. Praise God!”

The sounds of music, kids, and conversations along with Hot Thomas Bar B Q was a bit of Heaven to me. (See a few highlights from the Church Picnic here) Big THANKS to John and Ali Gilliam for coordinating, the Watkinsville college student interns for serving, and the Deacons for cleaning up from the night.  You were an awesome team!

I love this church!

Pastor Carlos