Three words that can have a dramatic impact on your prayer life!

We've received word that our guys have arrived safely in South Asia. and made their first needed connections.  Keep them lifted up in your prayers throughout your days. Remember to mention specifically the Bing people as you pray.

One of the goals of ministry our church staff has is to partner with families in helping to disciple their children.  Lots of decisions we make are based on being partners in this discipleship process. Moms I hope you will note the opportunity to be strengthened in discipling your kids, sons or daughters, by a gathering coming up on November 2 at 11:30  Make plans to hear from Brooke Davis and her mom about the relationship between moms and their kids.

Reflecting back on this past Sunday I want to remind of three specific words from James 4:11, "BEFORE THE LORD."  Those three words have had a dramatic impact on my prayer life and my devotional life in just a few short days. They were spoken by James when he said for us to "humble ourselves BEFORE THE LORD."  They were highlighted for me also last week when a guy talking to me said he sees prayer as "putting myself BEFORE GOD." That perspective has brought both a freshness and a new sense of awe as I come to the Father.  

As you continue in your week consider this three word  phrase as you pray and walk with Christ and the Father. Position yourself in your mind and heart BEFORE THE LORD.  See what that does daily especially in the area of humility.   

In Christ and for His glory,

Pastor Carlos