This week's note from Pastor Carlos (3.29.17)

Many of you will hit the road for some Spring Break travel over the next few days. I'm thinking that one way to make that travel special is to take along some music from WFBC. I know I've sure enjoyed worshipping in the car with our worship team. Stop by the church this week and get our Hymns project, pick it up Sunday in the Life Building or down load it at iTunes or Spotify. 

Speaking of Spring Break, be sure and note our worship times and locations for the next two weekends: Sunday April 2 and Sunday April 9 we will have 9am, 10:15am, and 11:30am services in the Life Building only.

April 16 is Easter. It marks the greatest day in history. Jesus is alive. And we know that's such a big deal because he was once dead! Now we celebrate as the Bible says in Revelation 1 that He is "alive forevermore." This life altering news gives us hope in every circumstance, peace for every trial, and power that will overcome every enemy. If you could pick any day to bring a friend make it April 16!  

Did you learn a new name last week?  I wish you could hear the divine appointments I've heard about in regards to just learning names of those around us. Are you praying for those needs that were shared with you? Are you wearing your "new self" clothes this week?  Be reminded that when we are  "devoted to the fellowship" names matter, needs matter, and our new nature matters. 

Thankful for to be apart of this fellowship!
Pastor Carlos