This week's note from Pastor Carlos (3.22.17)

April 16th is the marker for the most astounding, life and eternity altering event in history. Jesus Christ rose from the dead never to die again! He is alive. Some call it Resurrection Sunday. Others call the day Easter. I call it the greatest day on the calendar. Pray with me for that day. Make a way to be present on that day and invite someone to come with you. Think about it...who could you invite?  Put a name right here, maybe two:________________________.
What if that name wound up being written down in heaven!

Acts 2:42 says the church devoted themselves to the apostles teaching. We focused on that last week looking at the essentials of our beliefs. We also see in Acts 2 that not just beliefs mattered for the church but also their behavior. Verse 42 says they also devoted themselves to the "fellowship" or in other words they devoted themselves to one another. They loved one another!
I read these words this week and I want you to be thinking about them with me as we gather again Sunday in our Church Matters series:
Is the love in your church such that people in the world and of the world would be willing to forsake all other loves just to know this love? Would they give up their addictions, their diversions, their compromises, their resentments, because the love your church has is better, truer, and deeper than anything they have found anywhere else?

God let it be so.
I love you!
Pastor Carlos

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