The Spirit of the Lord was working Sunday

Many thanks to those who helped with The MIX. The weekend is a high demand weekend for dozens of people providing food, transportation, homes, teaching, and prayer. As a parent and a pastor I'm grateful for all so many of you did to help the weekend happen.

The Spirit of the Lord was working Sunday without a doubt. From what I could see at least eleven people indicated to me that they accepted Christ as Savior over the course of our morning services. Others shared with me encouraging words regarding the work the Lord did in their heart. The day reminds me how much we all need to be praying for our time together each weekend.

Men, I hope you will consider taking part in our Men's Conference in the mountains March 15-17. We start at 7 on Thursday night and we will be done by 10 on Saturday morning. We have great guest leaders lined up in Scott Smith and Joel Goddard. I'm especially excited about some extended time together to hear from the Lord and encourage one another. Sign up this week and let's give God a chance to do some fresh work in our hearts and lives.


With joy!

Pastor Carlos