The Spirit is moving!

Walking around in the snow today I was so excited to see some things haven't changed. Guess what it was! Plastic bags on little kids shoes. It's the simple things...

For all of us regular attenders you've heard me welcome our guests intentionally the past two weeks. Do you know what's happened? We've had 26 first or second time guest complete Connect Cards. (AMEN!)  That's cards turned in which represents whole families in many cases. You know what else? We've had 3 people indicate on their Connect Cards they have prayed to receive Christ. (AMEN! AMEN!) 

I immediately think of our New Year Night of Prayer. Seems to me that the Spirit is moving and God is answering our prayers in this new year. As you pray remember to pray for one another and consider how you might could encourage one another. Many of our church family are dealing with difficult events in their life. An email, card, visit, call or text goes along way in helping others be strong. If a name or face comes to mind that's  a strong strong clue they need to hear from you.

Praying for you!
Pastor Carlos