The property is buzzing...

The property is buzzing this week with preparation for VBS. From 9am til 9pm each day people are here working. Come on up and lend a hand. We need everyone praying for the week so be sure and keep that in your everyday prayers! VBS launches this Sunday evening,June 4th!!

MEN- we need your help especially. We need 15 more of you to serve as small group leaders for several of our groups from Kindergarten to 4th grade. We also need around 20 of you to help us set up our tent this Saturday at 9am. Email for more information.  

Sunday morning we begin our 2017 Songs of Summer series starting in Psalm 42. I love that we do this together each summer. Somewhere in a Psalm every emotion is captured. Everywhere in Psalms God is praised. Some of the Psalms are noisy, some are quiet, some confounding, some consoling, and some are victorious. Read Psalm 42 a few times through to prepare for the day. 

One other thing to remember--Summer Sundays are a great time to invite people to come to church with you. Many newcomers arrive in our area over the summer. Be alert to opportunities to introduce people to the life of Christ through the life of WFBC. 

I love you
Pastor Carlos