Thank you to our pastor's wives!

Waking up today, February 1st, and seeing in our Pray40 Guide the call to pray for our pastor's wives was a delightful start to a new month. I hope you will take time now if not already to lift them up to the Father name by name. As I do that I realize once again I have nothing but gratitude for each one of them. They are wholehearted in their love for Jesus, their families, and our church. They serve faithfully in the ministry of WFBC. They support and encourage their husbands. They are moms and mentors, disciplers and friends, and they touch the lives of many  through their work and involvement in our community. Again, join with me in praying for them.

Sunday we will be in Ephesians looking at the prayers Paul prayed for others. So many times people ask us to pray for them but knowing how to pray for them or what to pray seems to be a mystery. Paul offers a powerful model for how to intercede for those closest to our hearts. 

Remembering YOU in my prayers, 
Pastor Carlos