We are having a THANK YOU party. Join with me this Sunday afternoon at 4 in the Cafe to say thank you to Mrs. Nancy Parks. Nancy served our church more than 25 years as church secretary and now she has begun enjoying her retirement. We miss her around the office for sure! She's been the kind voice, the cheerful face, the helping hands, and wise counselor to so many of us. Come by Sunday and express your appreciation.
Sunday morning we conclude our series, It's All About Life with a message on the Godward Life. It's a timely message at this time of year when so many are graduating, starting new careers, and making decisions about the next phase of life. Where will you be if you keep going in the direction you are headed? God's word talks about our walk, our race, and our focus. This week's message will help us calibrate our route to a Godward direction.
Finally, a big shout out to those who worked so hard serving this year on Wednesday nights in AWANA. When we talk about making wholehearted followers of Christ, our Wednesday night work with kids is huge. Learning doctrine and memorizing verses and building relationships are big pieces in the kids spiritual growth. Thank you for going the extra mile!
It's all about life,
Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment