Summer Worship Schedule

Each year about this time we make adjustments to our corporate worship services due to the impact of summer schedules. Fortunately we have the venues to adjust and thankfully our church family has been flexible. Three services each week in two different rooms along with syncing those up to be able to live feed the message is a huge undertaking for our programming team. They are champions in my view!

This Sunday, May 7th, we will begin our summer worship schedule. The only change for the summer will be that our 11:30 service will meet in the Sanctuary instead of the Life Building.  

Another way to remember our summer schedule is a simple phrase--TWO AND TWO EXCEPT FOR TWO. What does that mean? Each week we will have two services in the LIFE Building (9&10:15) and two services in the Sanctuary (10:15&11:30). The 10:15 hour will be simulcast into the rooms as normal. Our ONLY TWO EXCEPTIONS are May 28th (Memorial Day weekend) and July 2nd (Independence Day weekend). On May 28 and July 2nd we will meet only in the LIFE Building at 9 and 10:15. 

During June and July we will pick back up with our journey through Psalms. We will take a Psalm a week and the plan is to cover numbers 42-50.  

Thankful for you!
Pastor Carlos