SUMMER NIGHTS!  What are those?  They are specially planned Wednesday nights of the summer for our teenagers to hang together, make friends, invite friends, do something memorable and hear something that could change a life forever.  The first one is tonight on church property.  Parents get your teens to the church property and kick the summer off right! (7pm -9pm)

This is PREP WEEK for Wild Summer Adventure.  Tonight is massively important in preparing our work force for the week.  If you have volunteered to serve or you are still willing to jump in and help don't miss tonight's training.  We will meet on our church property for the training beginning at 6:30pm.

We have begun our Songs of Summer series.  This Sunday we will look at Psalm 60.  Start to work now on memorizing Psalm 67 for the summer.  It's a 7 verse psalm that needs to be in the heart of every wholehearted follower of Christ.

Get fired up!! 
Oh what a Savior we have in Jesus! His steadfast love endures forever!

I love you,
Pastor Carlos