During the month of July, I've asked Pastor Sean Mills to preach the first two Sundays (Psalm 64 and 65) and I've asked Pastor Vic Doss to preach the third Sunday (Psalm 66). I will conclude our Songs of Summer on July 28 with Psalm 67. Remember Psalm 67 is our psalm to memorize for the summer.

I want you to know where I will be the three Sundays I'm away. This coming Sunday I will be with my extended family celebrating my dad's 80th birthday. He and my mom are seemingly in good health. However, with them living out of state we don't get to see them very often so we are excited to get a weekend with all the kids and grandkids. The second weekend of July, I will begin a week of preaching at the Salem Camp Meeting in Covington. I will preach seven times there, some in the mornings at 11 and some in the evenings at 7:30. I would love for you to show up and be my AMEN section. You can see the official schedule at And then the third Sunday of July our family will hide away for summer vacation.

As you look over the rest of your summer be sure to mark the evening of July 28 for a special event: Summer Celebration. We will have reports from our Nepal Team as well as others that have spent their summer GOING to the nations. We will take a look at what's ahead for the Fall and I'm really excited about us having guided tours that night inside the new worship and children's ministry space. AND just for fun we will have Pelican's here serving SnoCones!

I love you
Pastor Carlos