Some amazing stories from Sunday

"Just want you to know how excited we are about the plans for our church. Your excitement rubbed off this morning! We are praying for guidance on how much to give. I wish we could give right now! He is working in our family right now making a way for us to give...perfect timing! It's really amazing to see God work things out."

I received that text Sunday afternoon after sharing with our church about the need for all of us to give toward the Going Challenge. Because I was so encouraged by this family's unexpected note I thought you might be as well. 

"Pastor, you were talking about teenagers coming to WFBC and just hanging out on the property. That's our story! Our son would just hang out here. Then he started coming to church here. He was baptized. Then we started coming with him. Then we both were baptized. Our lives have been changed forever."

That was a story told to me by a mom and dad after services Sunday referring to our plans to create additional space purposed for ministry to teenagers. This family wants other families to have what they have in a church. 

"Hey pastor, you don't know me but my two boys are students at UGA.  They both come to church here at WFBC. Thank you for providing a place for my boys while they are away at school."

Those words, said with tears, came from a dad that had joined his boys at church this past Sunday. I think it's pretty amazing that parents show up just to tell us thank you for loving on their kids while they are away from home. 

"Pastor, my life is a wreck. I need God... I need help. Can someone talk to me or pray with me?"

Yes, those words were spoken to me Sunday between services as well. When we meet together each week there are what seems like a hundred different reasons people are gathering with us. 

"Pastor, I was the guy baptized this morning. This is my wife... We were students at UGA but didn't attend church here. We've moved back to town and we have a baby and one on the way. We wanted to come here for our children. We don't want to be on the sideline. We've come to serve and be involved here."

This also was a conversation I had between services Sunday. 

One more---"Hey pastor. It's so good to be here. I'm in town for an assessment program at NAMB as a church planter. Just want you to know that people are being saved in Vermont. Last Sunday two people were saved in our worship service." 

Those words are from one our church plant partners in Burlington, Vermont. His name is Ben Preston. 

Those are some of the things I experienced in just one Sunday. As I pray about supporting our Going Challenge, stories like these help me understand the eternal impact of my giving. As you pray over the Going Map and consider your gift and commitments for May 6, consider the far reaching and widespread impact possible over the years ahead if stories like these are just part of one Sunday. 

Keep praying daily during this season and I hope to see you each tonight for our all-church prayer gathering! 

Pastor Carlos