So close to 1 million!

Okay friends...we are $25,000 away from reaching our goal of 1 million given toward the Going Challenge!! I’m believing and praying that by the time we gather for our church conference (Sunday at 5pm) we will be there. Pray with me about what God would have you do to move us past our goal. 

As for Sunday would you make a special effort to be in one of our worship services ready to go at the very start. Set a goal to be in the room 5 minutes early. I just finished going over the plans for the day with our worship team and EVERY MINUTE IS IMPORTANT.  Don’t miss a single one.

Prepare for Sunday on Saturday by praying for the day, reading John 10, and inviting someone to come with you. Make Saturday night decisions that will lead to wholeheartedly worshiping together on Sunday. 

See you Sunday! I can hardly wait. I love you. 
Pastor Carlos