September 30, 2015

Dear Friends:

I was asked this week, “What do you hope to see happen Sunday?” My response, without much pause, was, “I’m praying twenty-five people make public their faith in Jesus Christ.” There is nothing magical about twenty-five, and I won’t quit and start selling water filters if that doesn’t happen, but that’s what I’m praying! So, if you’re looking for a specific way to pray this week, there it is. Pray with me for twenty-five people to be saved this weekend.

A major piece to people being saved this week is our inviting those we care about to come and hear the good news of Jesus. Andrew invited Peter to come and meet Jesus. Matthew had a party and invited his friends to come and meet Jesus. Who do you know that needs Jesus? What are they worth to you? When will you reach out to them? I’m praying too that all of us will have the courage to make the ask this week.

Sunday night we will meet at Herman C.Michael Park for our annual picnic. Bring a dessert and your chairs. Dinner will be served at 5:00 p.m., but you can arrive as early as 4pm Sunday afternoon and enjoy the park and music by the Hog Mountain Boys.


Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment