September 23, 2015

A bird feeder hangs outside my kitchen window. When birds land on it they eat, but when they leave seed flies everywhere. I’ve watched for months to see what grows where those seed land. Ive seen a mystery unfolding day after day. I’ve got a unique garden growing! I hope it’s all legal! Some of those things are blooming and producing more seed. I may be reproducing my winter seed right underneath the feeder.

For weeks we’ve been scattering the seed of the Gospel in our morning worship services. Many of you have scattered the seed around you throughout the week. You have to wonder what’s going to come of all of this seed scattering. I am praying Sunday, October 4th, is a day of harvest. I am praying the seed that has been sown will take root and grow! I pray we will see the fruit of the Gospel in our lives reproduced in the lives of others.

Outside right now I hear birds singing and making a lot of noise. Since I just filled up the feeder again, their sounds make me wonder if they’re announcing this news to the other birds. They seem excited about something! Do some announcing this week to your friends. We have a ton to be excited about as the redeemed, forgiven, hope-filled children of God. Invite your friends to be with you on the 4th.


Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment