September 2, 2015

10-4. October 4th. First weekend in October. 4 weeks away. Georgia-Alabama weekend. And there’s more! Sunday, October 4th, is a day for you and a day for your friends and neighbors. That morning Vance Pitman will be our guest speaker. He pastors Hope Church in Las Vegas. It is a day we are covering with prayer and presenting a clear message of the hope we have in Jesus. We are asking our Father for many souls to be saved that day. I am asking you to pray, be present and bring someone with you. It’s gonna be the best day ever for many! 10-4?

But there’s more! The night of 10-4 we will gather at Herman C. Michael Park for our annual church picnic. Registration opens soon, but start now by highlighting this day on your calendar and in your prayers. 10-4?

Several of you responded last week to my call for prayer warriors to meet together on Wednesday nights. We will meet each Wednesday night from 6:30-7:30 in the Shed. Come hear some brief teaching on prayer, and then we will pray and fight the good fight of faithful, fervent prayer.

Also, if any women would find mornings a better time for corporate prayer, there is an every week ladies prayer time at the church on Tuesdays at 10:30.

Finally, go see the movie War Room. It will strengthen your prayer life, your relationships, and give you fresh hope in how God can work in powerful ways.

I love you,

Pastor Carlos

P. S. 10-4

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