Saturate Our Community

This is the time of year we saturate our community in a fresh new color (I'm told it's officially CARDINAL this year) with the W that has that "bar/slash/line" through it. What does it mean? The W for Watkinsville is fairly obvious but the mark through the letter maybe not so much. So here's the refresher: that mark comes from John 3:19 that begins with the phrase, "This is the verdict: Light has come into the world." This light is Jesus. The thought is, here we are in Watkinsville living everyday life and the Light of Heaven has interrupted our life.  In a gracious life changing way our life will never be the same because of what Jesus has done in coming to save us. What Jesus has done for us He will do for every single person that will turn to Him and believe. I pray all the Ws we are sporting will be a great way to start a spiritual conversation with people around us. When you put those shirts on this summer pray that in your GOING you might have a chance to talk with someone about the Light of Jesus and how he has changed your life. 

Sunday we begin our Songs of Summer series beginning with Psalm 51. This prayer of King David contains some heavy and broken hearted words. At the same time they are words of healing and life. They give us the path of true confession and repentance that is necessary for any man or woman to be restored to spiritual health if there has been sinful compromise.

Spend some time praying through Psalm 51 before Sunday. 

I love you

Pastor Carlos