Our souls ache with our brothers and sisters...

Our souls ache with our brothers and sisters in Christ who are grieving so deeply in Sutherland Springs, Texas. We also hope and trust with them in our God, the Lord Almighty, to overcome this evil. Sunday we listened to Sam Landrith speak of what we hold onto in times of trial and tribulation not knowing at the time what was happening in Texas. His message keeps replaying in my heart reminding me how desperately we must cling to Jesus at all times.  (You can listen to that message here).

This coming Sunday you will be provided a list of men for you to nominate for service as Deacons for our church family. First Timothy 3 lays out the qualifications for those who serve. Take a moment to read through that passage and prayerfully consider who you will nominate. 

Revelation 19:1-10 is our text for Sunday. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb has arrived! I'm longing for that day more than ever. 

Praying for You!
Pastor Carlos