Pretty Blankets Campaign

Supplies can be dropped off at the tables next to the info desk this Sunday, deCEMBER 23.  We will be meeting at 5:30pm on Dec. 23 to put baskets together.


The Pretty Blankets Campaign was started after spending the Christmas season in the Neonatal ICU with our son in 2007. At that time, we realized how lonely and despairing it feels to be in the hospital with your child at Christmas. The nurses we had tried their best to help alleviate those desperate feelings. One of the things they did was wrap the babies in pretty blankets that had been donated rather than the standard hospital issued blankets. That one small act meant so much to us. As parents, it helped to see our baby look “normal”, even if for only a brief time! They do not have enough of these to use daily, but on special occasions, they bring them out and wrap the babies in soft, pretty blankets. 

Sometimes, it’s overwhelming to try to meet other’s needs- where to start, what to do, etc…  For us, it’s providing a basket filled with snacks for the parents, an ornament, a homemade doll, a note of encouragement and of course, a pretty blanket for their precious little one! We deliver these as a family on Christmas Eve to the local NICU. We would love to expand our reach and provide baskets for both local hospitals this year. On average, each hospital usually has between 15-22 families with babies in the NICU at Christmas. So this year, we need to provide around 50 baskets.  If you would like to help us please consider donating the following:


Baskets (usually something akin to a small laundry basket, plastic is fine)

Bottles of water

Drink mix-ins

Granola bars (no peanuts)

Slim jim

Dried Fruit

Oranges, apples, bananas



Candy (no peanuts)

Baby wipes (these are for the parents to refresh themselves)

Colgate wisps

Hand sanitizer


Soft pretty blanket