Our mission here is making wholehearted followers of Christ

Our mission here is making wholehearted followers of Christ. We believe that is a mission for us that stretches to the world. A big part of fulfilling that piece of the mission is reflected in the going of people like the Burgess family as we witnessed Sunday. Also, a big piece of that mission is connected to our giving as reported in our largest ever Acts 1:8 Offering.

This  mission is also local for us. It's the "Jerusalem" piece of Acts 1:8.  All around us are children, teenagers, college students, and adults of all ages that still need a Savior and a family of faith. And according to what I see in our community more and more are moving this way. As Jesus said, "The fields are white unto harvest..." I want to remind you we are taking steps to continue to reach our community for Christ.

In December we all received our annual ministry report for 2017. The last page of that report provided some very important information for 2018 regarding our plans for maximizing our property for ministry space. That letter, written by Executive Pastor Chip Riggs, is attached here for your review. (Please take the time to read it again.)

As projected in his note we are now in the design phase of new ministry space. Over the last few weeks many meetings involving the architects, ministry staff, and the construction advisory team have been taking place. Coming out of a review of the latest plans I was so excited to see what's being designed. These plans include space that touches every generation of our church. I'm really looking forward to what's ahead.  Please stop right now and pray for this design phase. As we try to project future needs and match that to designs of disciple making space, the Lord certainly knows better than us what we need. So again, please join our architects and the teams involved in praying for the Spirit's leadership in this project. Stay tuned over these next weeks for more details and information about our future.

Joyfully His,

Pastor Carlos