Our church plant launches this Sunday, 17 years for Pastor Vic, and John 3 this Sunday!

Seven years ago Jonathan Moseley finished at UGA, moved to Boston and graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He remained in Boston believing God had called him to that city. After years of prep, King's Hill Church launches with its first corporate worship service this Sunday. Our church has labored with him to reach this day. This church plant is a big part of us answering the Going Challenge. (Did you know 1% of every dollar given to our general ministry budget is being used to reach the city of Boston with the Gospel?) While some of our people will join them for this first Sunday, I ask all of you to pray for them. The spiritual warfare against them has been real and strong. Fight the good fight with me for them heading toward Sunday.

This month marks 17 years that Vic and Cynthia Doss have served with us here at WFBC. This family is a gift to our church family in many ways. Vic has a very strategic role in his responsibility of shepherding college students. As a parent of college students I feel first hand the importance of a pastor that invest his life in those critical days of a students' life.  With gratitude pray for the Doss family to have the courage and stamina and Spirit's power to continue to love and lead well.

IT'S PICNIC TIME AT WFBC!!! My favorite night of the year for our church is September 30. The picnic is our one big event each year that is meant to get us here on the property at the same time. Help make this happen by going here to register to bring a dessert and to serve.

Sunday we continue with our New Life series in our study of John's Gospel.  Have you heard the saying, "Born once, die twice. Born twice, die once." Read John 3 before Sunday to discover how this could possibly be true.

I love you and pray for you

Pastor Carlos