October 7, 2015

Now we know what a preacher from Las Vegas is like! Now we know what can happen when people pray. Now we know what can happen when we invite our friends. Now we know what can happen when we present the life changing message of Jesus.

Sunday we had our largest attendance of the fall, we heard a clear, passionate, straightforward presentation of the gospel and at least 15 people indicated they accepted Christ as Savior. So many other stories are coming in as well. Stories of the experiences of first- time guests, stories of those invited who say they will come and visit soon, stories of spiritual conversations outside of the services are all being shared with me. I’ve even heard one story of a person in our church leading their cousin to Christ Sunday by texting because they live in London, England!

We did miss gathering in the park Sunday night due to all the rain. All the food was distributed, thankfully. I really appreciate John Gilliam doing the barbq and Joey Wilson for doing the beans. Thank you, serving team and Interns, for operating a super drive-thru experience! Thank you to our church staff for planning and coordinating and communicating and preparing so well for 10-4.

Finally, just thank you. Thank all of you for being here Sunday. Thank you for praying and partici- pating, and thank you for being such a beautiful picture of the body of Christ. Thank you, Father in Heaven, for giving us the privilege of knowing You and serving You and introducing You to others.

In Christ, Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment