October 20, 2016

As expected and hoped for, the Spirit of God has taught me many things in our study through the book of Daniel. However, the impact of walking through the book has hit me in some surprising areas.  One of those areas specifically has to do with prayer. In light of Daniel 8, I've found myself praying repeatedly this week, "Father, give me confidence in your Word, courage in my fears, and continuance in my days." Now with Daniel 9 and 10 coming, I sense there is something God really wants to do in us related to prayer. Prepare for Sunday in two ways: Read Daniel 9 a couple times before you come to worship this week. Also, NOTE ALL THREE SERVICES THIS WEEK ARE IN THE LIFE BUILDING. As we talk about and participate in prayer, Sunday is a day where we need to be in the room together as much as possible.

November 6 is an important day for our church family. The theme of the day is FAMILY MATTERS.  We have put this day together in hopes of helping to strengthen current and future families. Guest speakers will address us at the 9:00 and 10:15 services and will be talking about what children teach us about God. At the 11:30 service, Vic and Cynthia Doss along with Carla and I will teach together on the topic of Right Relationships. Then, from 2-4 in the afternoon, families are invited to be back on the property for continued instruction and encouragement in building Godly families.

I can't close without celebrating the baptisms from last Sunday. If you were not at the 10:15 service, I just want you to know that nine people made public their faith in Christ through baptism.  A couple weeks ago at the picnic we saw ten baptized.  These numbers include a married couple, college students, teenagers and children. There is not anything greater than seeing people openly and unashamedly follow Christ.

I love you!
Pastor Carlos