November 4th, 2015

Dear Church Family:

Sabbatical is a great gift that our church gives to our pastors at the completion of every 5 years of service. It has been a major contributing factor to the longevity of our staff as it allows for rest and refreshment. Pastor Carlos completed his 15th year of service in August and commenced his sabbatical on November 1st. Let's lift our great Pastor to our heavenly Father during this season. Carlos will disconnect from phone calls and email until the end of December. Carlos will preach again on January 3rd. 

Our pastors and staff are excited to serve our church during this time. If there are any needs, please call the church office from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday (706-769-8822). After hours, feel free to call or text me directly on my cell phone (contact info below). I will ensure that a pastor follows up with these needs. Also, our pastors can be reached directly through their email addresses found at

We will be holding Deacon election this Sunday during the morning services. The men here have been nominated, examined, and found to be faithful brothers by our current deacons. This Sunday each member aged 12 and older will be asked to vote on 5 of the 7. Those chosen will begin their three years of service to our body on January 1st. 

This Sunday is a special day as we celebrate Orphan Sunday. Joining churches across our country, we will worship our God who adopted us into his family through Jesus. Compelled by this good news, we will be challenged to join our Father in caring for orphans in our community and throughout the world. 

Looking forward to Sunday,  

Brad Kinney

Director of Operations


Joel ShinpochComment