November 11

Orphans at the Party. 

What a great day this past Sunday was!  We gathered together and celebrated the truth that God has come into the great orphanage of the world and called us as orphans into the celebration of the wedding feast.  In his mercy and grace He has clothed us and loved us when we were unloveable. We can cheer for every plate of grace that comes from his table. 

In response to the grace of God, our church responded with deep generosity to the plight of orphans as we focused on Orphan Sunday.

Many of you stepped up to say “I want to help”  either through providing support for foster families or possibly becoming a foster family.  Countless others wrote notes of encouragement to people who are on the front lines serving children who are marginalized in our culture. 

Huge shout out to our college students who gave over $1700 to help with relief efforts for the 1000’s of refuges flooding into Germany.  

It’s a beautiful thing to see God’s church moved into action by the truth of his mercy toward us.  

And just a reminder from this past week- the kingdom of heaven is a kingdom of celebration.  Invite someone to the party this week.

A beggar in the palace,

Pastor Vic

Joel ShinpochComment