May 11, 2016

Sunday we talked about how we cultivate humility by praying. I want to restate again the way Nehemiah illustrated his sense of dependence on God through prayer. He offered prayers of praise, position, confession, remembrance, and petition. His words recognized God's greatness, his position as a servant, his and his people's disobedience, God's words and works from the past, and then he asked for success and mercy from the king. His prayer demonstrated his inability but Gods ability. That is humility.  This week our Living Small series continues in Philippians 2 and how obedience cultivates humility. 

Our summer worship schedule begins this week with all three services in the Life Building. This will be the summer schedule except Memorial Day and 4th of July weekends when we will not have the 11:30. Three reasons for this summer change are the departure of so many students, our parking project we hope to begin in July, and the opportunity to do our worship face to face as much as possible instead of syncing the message time. Thank you for your flexibility. I believe we are in store for a strong healthy summer of ministry. 
Pastor Carlos
PS I would love for you to join me each Wednesday night at 7 for church-wide prayer in the Shed.

Joel ShinpochComment