March 9, 2016

Mrs. Nancy Parks has served The Lord and our church family for the past 25 years as our Church Secretary. She is retiring and Friday is her last day working in this role. Mrs. Nancy has been a constant and faithful servant at WFBC through the years of different pastors and staff, through ministry changes, and through the challenges of a growing church.
For Mrs. Nancy serving in her role has been much more than a job or a to-do list. She has always approached her work as ministry to others in the name of Christ. She has been a source of encouragement, insight, advice, and comfort to our staff and to so many in our church family. A thousand times people have said, "Ask Nancy. She will know." And she would.
For for close to 16 years I have worked along side Mrs. Nancy. I am so thankful that she was here when I arrived. She has helped me be a better pastor. I have been blessed and encouraged by her prayers, her humor, her counsel, her diligence, her skills and her knowledge. She has made my load lighter and our church stronger.
Thank you Mrs. Nancy for your faithfulness and your love for Jesus. Thank you for helping WFBC. Thank you for your patience with me, for making me laugh and for baking me lemon bars. Thank you for loving my wife and my kids. We all love you. We will miss you, quote you, and certainly pray for you as you begin your retirement.  
Your pastor and friend