March 30, 2016

Thank you for the way you gathered and worshiped Sunday in our celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. You arrived early, sang with passion and enthusiastically received the message of Resurrection Life! We had many guests and I know of two people that trusted Christ as Savior. With Vic preaching three times in the Sanctuary and me three times in the Life Building we saw over 2300 people gathered for our services. Thank you to the hundred plus volunteers that made the day work. You were awesome caring for children, parking cars, providing security, greeting guests, stacking chairs and the many other things required to make the day work. We couldn't do the day without you.

One of the best things I ever hear people say about their exposure to our church is "those people are alive!" I think that response sums up the true impact of the Gospel when it takes hold of a person and the fellowship of a church. When a person dead in their sin meets Jesus, THE resurrection and life, the supernatural result is LIFE! On Sunday we continue our series It's All About Life. We will focus on what Gods word says about Eternal Life. Imagine this--the gift of God is Eternal Life (Romans 6:23).

Joel ShinpochComment