March 23, 2016

Easter Sunday. Resurrection Day. Whatever we call the day, I know this--IT'S ALL ABOUT LIFE!  Everywhere you look this time of year, life is all around us. What's been dormant is budding. Flowers are blooming. Things buried are breaking through the ground. Bees are flying and birds are singing. The scenery around us seems to shout in unison JESUS HAS RISEN! HE IS ALIVE!

I'm so excited about celebrating with you Sunday. For three weeks we have thought about the cross-- the price Jesus paid for our sin, the suffering he endured in our place, and the life he laid down to satisfy the wrath of God. But praise the Lord, Sunday's coming. Forgiveness, redemption, grace, and mercy are ours through faith. We now can live with joy and hope and faith knowing the most impossible is possible through the power of God.

Invite someone to come with you this week. Pick a room (Sanctuary or Life Building) and pick a time (9, 10:15, 11:30) and make your plans to be together to celebrate the LIFE we have in Christ. Remember the 10:15 hour is usually the most crowded so consider coming at 9 or 11:30 to help us create some space.
Because He lives
Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment