Make your public announcement!

Have you been baptized since you became a follower of Jesus Christ? I was baptized when I was about 10 years old but when I was a junior in college I genuinely trusted Jesus as my savior and confessed him as Lord of my life.  My life began to change from the inside out. My senior year of college I realized God's calling on my life was to be a pastor. Even after that I sensed something was not right in my walk with Christ. While serving as an intern at my college church the Spirit of God convicted me that I had not publicly professed my faith through believer's baptism.  My baptism at 10 was ritual with no meaning. When I was baptized at 21 it was a public announcement of a personal inward faith that had transformed my life. I know baptism does not save us but taking that step of obedience resulted in great peace and a fresh boldness in my witness and commitment to Christ.

Sunday, September 8, we will be baptizing in our services.  I would love to see you take this step in your walk with Christ if you haven't already.  I would expect you know RIGHT NOW if this note is for you! Send me a note at and let's talk about it.

Thank you for your response last week to serving in the life of our church.  Do you know from just our college students alone we had 43 people commit to serve.

I'm excited about this coming Sunday already! We will talk about the last element of our Boarding Now series.  Bring someone with you!

I love you

Pastor Carlos