Looking back at the first half of 2017...

Here we are at the halfway mark of 2017. I wanted to take this opportunity to remember, celebrate, and praise God for what we have experienced so far! I think of…

  • PRAY40 and our focus on praying for others
  • Our time spent in the Word talking about things that matter in a local church
  • Giving over $200,000 toward our Acts 1:8 offering (WOW!)
  • The people we've seen come to Christ through the personal sharing of our faith, VBS and youth camp!!
  • Those who have publicly declared their faith through baptism
  • The special night when our worship team introduced us to Watkinsville Worship Hymns Volume 1
  • The dozens that have gone to other states and countries on mission
  • New staff additions
  • New church members
  • The generosity demonstrated in the faithful giving of our church family
  • The many new families that have started giving to the work God is doing through WFBC
  • Our study through Jude, which reminded us of the importance of contending for the faith
  • New Life groups
  • Packed out College Bible Study 

Take some time now to thank God for the power of His Spirit being at work. Please pray for God to do exceedingly more for His namesake over the next half of 2017. 

Someone called me today and told me about a great opportunity they just had to talk about their faith and the Gospel with a new family in our area. Over the past 2 weeks, I have had the opportunity to have 3 intentional Gospel conversations with people God put in my path. I share these reports to remind you we are all witnesses to the work of Christ in our hearts and ambassadors for Him to others. Who will be in your path today? Go ahead and include the work of Christ in that conversation today!

I love you. See you Sunday at 9 and 10:15 in Psalm 46. 
Pastor Carlos