Looking back and looking ahead to the next few Sundays

What a beautiful day of celebration we had Sunday! More than 2000 of us gathered across the morning recognizing that the resurrection of Jesus changes everything. The risen Savior sets the foundation of our faith, launches the future of the church, and guarantees eternal life for every born again believer. Thank you Jesus!


After witnessing many appearances of Jesus alive again, with the power of the Holy Spirit in them, and in obedience to His Great Commission, the church began going and telling all that they had seen and heard. This "going" continues even today almost 2000 years later.

Our local church  is a part of this great work of going to all nations and making disciples of Jesus Christ. What a joy to be used by God to bring the hope of forgiveness and eternal life to more and more people here in Watkinsville and beyond. The next few Sundays I will be sharing messages that describe what GOING looks like for us. We will start Sunday in Acts 16 and see how God calls us to GO by faith wherever he leads.

Today marks the 50 year anniversary of Martin Luther King's death. Dr. King's message, that all are created equal and that there should be justice for all, is a message our world needs to hear and heed. In our GOING as followers of Christ it is important to remember this means to every tribe, tongue, race, ethnic group and economic class of people in our community and world. Pray with me that our hearts will love all equally and the reconciliation with God that Christ brought to us through the cross will also bring peace to all mankind. "May His kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven."

All because of Jesus

Pastor Carlos