Let's celebrate the beautiful day we had!

Let's not let Sunday get past us with out celebrating what a beautiful day we had. Thank you for the generous way you blessed the Fitzgerald family through your giving. I know they are grateful and able to sense a strong support from their church family in preparing to go to South Asia. (January is their target departure date.) 

The picnic certainly lived up to my expectations of being my favorite church night of the year. More than 1000 of us gathered on the property. You came early and stayed late. I loved seeing everyone enjoying the fellowship of one another. I especially am grateful to Brad Kinney and Jessica Mathisen coordinating the details and teams for the picnic.  

Note on your schedule a special guest speaker coming to our worship services November 5th. Sam Landrith will be here that morning to speak in all three services. Sam's father, Pastor David Landrith of Longhollow Baptist in Hendersonville Tennessee, was a dear friend to our family. David died 2 years ago at 51 due to a rare type of cancer. Sam, now a senior in college, will speak to us on what to hold on to in times of great trials and tribulations in our life. If you know of someone that maybe is dealing with a temptation to be angry with God due to life's circumstances it would be a good Sunday to invite them to WFBC. 

In Christ
Pastor Carlos