June 25, 2015

Our church graciously provides a four week sabbatical for our pastors after each five years of full-time ministry at WFBC. The purpose of this time away from a normal schedule is to allow the pastor to refresh his soul, strengthen his family and invest in spiritual growth. This benefit has had a huge impact on the longevity of our pastoral staff, perhaps more than any other single factor. I am grateful for the foresight our church has demonstrated in providing this for our team. Please pray for Jason Dominey, our Worship Pastor, and his family while they enjoy this time of renewal and refreshing over the next four weeks.

The response to last week’s message from Psalm 28 has been very encouraging. I believe what I shared is important beyond one Sunday. Therefore, I want to give you the outline and maybe that will help this Psalm’s impact carry over for years to come.

Psalm 28

“Quit what you’re doing and go hide.”

1. There is only one rock star. V. 1 God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit is our Rock.

2. Quit attempting to be the rock star. You will crash if you try to be the rock star. V. 1

3. Go and hide in the Rock. You will find strength and a shield in the Lord our Rock. V.7

How do we hide?

1. Desperately pray for yourself. V. 2-5

Two Reasons--we need mercy and we need help.

Three Results--Trusting heart and no fear; joyful heart and no despair; thankful heart and no complaints.

2. Confidently pray for others. V. 9

How--By prioritizing, calling out, pleading with, crying unto, lifting up our hands and listening to His voice.

Praying for others keeps us out of rock star mode.

Prayerlessness is carelessness.

“Rock of ages cleft for me; let me hide myself in Thee!”

I love you,

Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment