June 22, 2016

Thank you all for the way you served during VBS. At least 300 people served nightly sporting those green shirts in almost 100* heat. I think every night I heard stories of salvation. The week was one of eternal significance. A big shout out to Michaelyn Rozar and her team for the countless hours of planning and coordinating. 
While we are on the subject of Children's Ministry I want you to celebrate with me the 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF SCOTT CARSON leading us in this area of ministry. What a champion he is. Scott is a servant who repeatedly goes the extra mile. A big big THANK YOU to Scott and his wife Keyla for five years of investing in the lives of children and their families! You are loved. 
Would you join me in a special prayer need? Mr. Ira Dickerson was recently diagnosed with myeloma cancer. Mr.  Ira has served our church for decades in many areas of spiritual leadership. He has been a pillar of strength and source of wisdom for our family of faith and personally to me as pastor. Please pray for him as he begins treatments and all that consumes life when dealing with cancer. 
Sunday we return to Songs of Summer with a look at Psalm 36. 
I love you. 
Pastor Carlos

Parking Update:
Plans for our parking upgrades are before the county at this time. Pray for progress. The pace of those plans being approved has slowed so we are just in a holding pattern until we get their permission to proceed.