June 15, 2016

Sunday is Father's Day. We are all in store for an encouraging morning. I've asked Keith Wenrich, a dad right out of our own faith family to share his life story with us. Keith and his wife Jessica along with their three girls are deeply involved in the life of our church. Keith serves as the Director of Recreational Sports at UGA. Over the past year Keith has experienced the grace and faithfulness of God in a mighty way. Join me here Sunday, praying for the Spirit of God to use Keith's story to encourage us all in our walk with Christ. 

I had finished speaking this past Sunday before learning of the shocking attack and loss of life in Orlando. However, as we learned from Psalm 35, our most important response to evil is heart felt prayer and a hope filled perspective. We pray with passion that God would bring an end to such evil. We believe with hope that God is able to deliver us from such evil. Continue to pray for those serving and hurting in Orlando. Pray for wisdom in daily conversations that we represent the heart and mind of Christ in these trying times.

Don't you wonder what it's like for people around town to see a green "w" t-shirt everywhere they turn!! It means Vbs is in full swing at WFBC. Keep praying for the week. 

I love you 

Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment